The Current Education System Rejects Blackness And Reduces It To Laziness: Malema

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Addressing his party’s students command at their third national assembly at the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein on Saturday, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema told the students in attendance that the party’s struggle for freedom is not just a physical one, but a “struggle of the mind”.

“How do we liberate the mind? How do we change the mentality that black people should be servants of white people? The current education system rejects blackness and reduces it to laziness, to sex and alcohol,” he said.

“They don’t see mathematicians, scientists and IT gurus among us. They see the most corrupt people, who want to take money, buy booze and have sex the whole day. They equate us to animals,” he continued.

“Ours is more difficult because it is a struggle of the mind. We ought to educate the people.‌

“The more people question your stand point on political issues, the more you must stand firm and sharpen your arguments. The reason why people question us is because they are made to believe they are less than human beings.”

The EFF leader has said that apartheid has led to white people, and in turn some black people, failing to see black people as human before.

In a video shared by the party’s official account showing Malema speaking at a rally, he advances the conspiracy theory that Cyril Ramaphosa became president by becoming a hero to white people due to his role in the Marikana massacre.

“After killing 34 people, he was promoted to deputy president and now president. Why? Because when you kill black people you are a hero of enemies of black people because to them the life of a black person doesn’t matter,” he said.

“That’s why [they kill you] like you are nothing. [They kill you because] you’ve stolen a sunflower, [they kill you because] they’ve mistaken you for a monkey. [They kill you because] they’ve mistaken you for a pig,” he said, referencing a number of real-life incidences.

“No one gets arrested, no one gets demoted. Why? Because you have killed a lifeless body,” he continued.

Source — The Citizen

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