Mozambique Sets Conditions For Power Import Deal

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Zimbabwe has reportedly proposed reducing the flow of the Zambezi River in exchange for getting discounted power from neighbouring Mozambique.

The proposal comes as the Mozambique power utility, Hydro Cahorra Bassa is saying that its water source is already overflowing as a result of Tropical Cyclone Idai. Any further discharge of water from Zambezi River would, therefore, result in the Cahorra Bassa dam forced to open flood gates which is detrimental to villagers residing downstream.

If the deal goes through, Zimbabwe will be closing its Kariba South hydro plant. As a way of compensation, Zimbabwe would want to be compensated with cheap power from Cahora Bassa, which has the capacity to produce 2,075MW.

Zimbabwe has an acute electricity deficit which has resulted in the local power utility, ZESA, implementing a power cut schedule which deprives citizens of power for 17 hours daily.

President Mnangagwa reported that he had a chat with his Mozambican counterpart, Filipe Nyusi, at the sidelines of the US-Africa Sumit that was held in June this year in Mozambique. Zimbabwean Energy Minister, Fortune Chasi, is also expected to travel to Mozambique for further negotiations on the deal.

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