Analysis Of The Latest Walter Magaya Sexual Abuse Saga

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Walter Magaya, the controversial founder of the PHD Ministries church, has been accused of sexually molesting a teenage girl he had ‘adopted’ in 2013 because her parents were struggling with school fees.

But barely 48 hours after Godfrey and Molly Maenzanise went live on social media and levelled the accusations against Magaya, their daughter Chenai came out on Saturday in a Facebook video with her husband and denies she was raped.

Chenai said nothing about whether or not she had sex with Magaya, but said whoever was making the allegations against Magaya was doing it for their own benefit, in statements taken by many as revealing a deep disrespect for her parents.

We publish below an opinion on this intriguing saga by Brighton Mutebuka who is a lawyer:

The bottom line is that he remains innocent until proven guilty. However, the allegations levelled against him are very serious and highly damaging.

They go to the very core of his level of probity and integrity. The expectation is that, as soon as they’re raised, he issues a statement clarifying his position.

In any normal, functioning society, you would also expect the authorities to take a keen interest and issue a press statement whilst also inviting the complainant to make a formal report.

It’s highly concerning that numerous such serious allegations have previously been levelled against him and there’s a pending criminal trial on this.

It would have been better if he had recused himself during the relevant period. He’s clearly a controversial character who’s prone to embroiling himself in unsavoury matters.

I have had the privilege of representing very prominent religious leaders here & in Zimbabwe. What I would say is that, without any shadow of doubt, there is a stark contrast between their public and private personas.

In the majority of cases, most are deeply flawed with elaborate and highly choreographed public personas to dupe unsuspecting congregants into believing that they’re highly pious when they’re not.

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