Zimbabwean Shot And Killed In Namibia

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A Zimbabwean national living and working in Namibia was killed on Thursday during a joint operation between the country’s police and defence forces.

The shooting and killing of Fambauone Black came to light after members of the public in Namibia called for the withdrawal of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) from a security operation being conducted in conjunction with the police, Operation Kalahari Desert.

22-year-old Fambauone was a taxi driver at the time of his demise and had been in Namibia since last year.

As concerns of public safety were raised, Namibia’s Police inspector general Sebastian Ndeitunga vowed that soldiers will remain part of the police-led operation.

Emmanuel Black, the deceased’s brother, told The Namibian yesterday that they face the insurmountable task of raising enough money to give Fambauone a befitting send-off.

The family estimates that repatriating the body to Zimbabwe would cost N$30 000. They are relying on donations from fellow taxi drivers for the exercise.

Emmanuel said they are finding it difficult to tell people back in Zimbabwe of the challenges they are facing.

The two brothers were their family’s breadwinners. They supported their father, aged about 80, their mother in her 60s, as well as four unemployed older siblings and their families.

Fambauone’s alleged shooter, Gerson Nakale (38), was denied bail when he appeared in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court in Katutura on Friday. He faces a charge of murder, and his case was postponed to 15 October.

Fambauone, also known as ‘Talent’ or ‘Chale’, came to Namibia in search of a better life. At the top of his priorities was an ambition to ‘hustle’ his way back to school, explained his brother, Emmanuel.

He said he had spoken to his younger brother a few hours before his death.

Emmanuel, who cut a seemingly composed figure, hid his grief behind dark shades at his Katutura home, where The Namibian met him yesterday.

He was sitting with his wife, their child and three friends who had come to offer their support.

Emmanuel said he came to Namibia in January last year in search of better economic prospects. His brother, Fambauone – whose name means ‘travel and see the world’ — followed in October. They started off as fruit vendors.

Seeing that the trade was not bringing in enough money as the produce would often become spoiled before they sold it all, the two decided to look for alternative means of making a living.

Emmanuel sought employment as a gardener, while Fambauone secured a contracted taxi arrangement. He was expected to finish paying off for the taxi at the end of the year.

Fambauone was planning to use his earnings from the taxi job to pay for further studies.

Due to financial constraints, the deceased had only been able to reach an Ordinary Level education, the equivalent of Grade 10 in Namibia.

His brother said furthering his education was Fambauone’s main priority, describing him as having been a bright student as well as an excellent sportsman.

“He even got medals from running in South Africa,” Emmanuel said, adding that their mother had taken the news of Fambauone’s death hard.

“She would not tolerate any untoward excuses, and demanded that I bring her son [Fambauone] home alive,” he said.

A 30-year-old friend of Fambauone said he had come to know the deceased from the time he came to Namibia.

The man, who requested anonymity, is also Zimbabwean and works in the taxi business, despite being the holder of a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. He had a brief stint as a mathematics teacher in Zimbabwe before he came to Namibia in 2017. Both of them understood the struggle of working as foreigners, especially in the taxi industry, he said.

Meanwhile, the People’s Litigation Centre has called on president Hage Geingob to remove NDF members from ‘Operation Kalahari Desert’ before Friday, 21 June, or face legal action. The People’s Litigation Centre (PLC) made the demands in a letter to Geingob dated 14 June 2019.

  • The Namibian

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