Teachers’ Union Says No Reporting To Work On Monday

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THE Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ), one of the two largest teachers’ unions in the country, has notified the government that they will be embarking on partial industrial action because they are too poor to report for work every day. 

In a written letter to the Public Service Commission, the PTUZ advices the government that the partial strike will intensify every week until it becomes a full blow strike with no teachers reporting for duty.

Civil Servants have complained that their salaries have been eroded due to the fact that the RTGS$ is continuously losing value against the US Dollar and other foreign currencies.

As such, they are demanding US$200 cushion over and above their current RTGS salaries whose value in US dollar terms is less than US$40 on the parallel market.

Shops and other service providers peg prices against the moving parallel market exchange rates from where they say they are sourcing the foreign currency.

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