Thabo Mbeki knew Mugabe’s preferred successor

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A video of Former President Robert telling a gathering that he had confided to South Africa’s Thabo Mbeki that he preferred Sydney Sekeramayi to take over from him has resurfaced. 

Mugabe is heard saying he told Mbeki that Sekeramayi should be the one who takes over because he was senior than Mnangagwa. 

Mugabe revealed that people like Perence Shiri also knew the succession plan but they decided to support Mnangagwa.

Professor Jonathan Moyo said, “I wouldn’t say that former President Mugabe all along paradigmatically had a succession or transitional plan; but rather that he came to the inescapable realization that he needed one to save his legacy only at the 11th hour when it was too little too late to see it through!”

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I Never Endorsed Grace- Mugabe

Mugabe knew very well that the system in ZANUPF would never bless Grace ascendency to the Presidency. Despite strong warnings from Bob; she almost grabbed the Crown by fiercely charging through Enemy lines

Bob:Grace chitanga waita Minister

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