Matutu Urges MDC Youths Not To Politicize Economic Issues

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Zanu-PF youth leader Lewis Matutu has told MDC Alliance youth chairperson Obey Sithole not to question his judgment as he is more intelligent than him. 

The two were debating about the contribution of youths to the national dialogue. 

Matutu said youths should not concentrate on politics only as there were many other aspects of life that youths should focus on. 

“We don’t eat politics, we don’t wear politics and we don’t buy commodities using politics so we want to see economy being discussed and how we can empower our youths,” said Matutu. 

Sithole shot back at Matutu saying his argument exposed the Zanu-PF youth leader’s understanding of politics. 

“I want to correct my brother with regards to understanding of politics. Politics is about what you eat, when and how, when you don’t understand that matrix maybe it explains the crisis we have and the type of leaders in Zanu-PF,” he said. 

Sithole said young people were facing hardships more than any other group due to the economic collapse in Zimbabwe.  He said the arrogance by Zanu-PF Gokwe- Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena who recently imported a US$210 000 Lamborghini exposed the disconnect between the ruling elite and the suffering masses. 

Matutu defended himself saying he did not need a lecture on the understanding of politics from the MDC Alliance youth leader. 

“It is very dangerous for my brother Obey to try to measure my level of education or understanding because in that respect I am very far ahead of him,” he said.

Source – Byo24News

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