Grace Mugabe’s Former Daughter-In-Law Flaunts Riches On Social Media

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Luminitsa Dumbisa Jemwa has gone on social media to flaunt her riches and class, saying that cars are a necessary luxury to those that work hard.

Luminitsa, who was once married to footballer Nyasha Mushekwi and had a fling with Grace Mugabe’s son Russell Goreraza, said she isn’t afraid of flashing her cash, cars and riches as she earned them.

“Cars are a necessary luxury to those who work hard,” she wrote on Instagram.

Luminitsa also said that she has a “premium stonyeni.”

Besides cars, the South African based socialite is not new when it comes to flaunting her enviable hourglass figure.

And whenever she does it, she literally breaks the internet.

She also recently conducted a dancing competition on her Instagram, where she asked her followers to dance to Enzo Ishall’s hit song Smart Inotangira Kutsoka.

The winners got to name whatever brand of trainers they preferred, from Puma to Reebok and Nike etc.

After giving the winners their presents, Lumi went on to promise that she would come into the country and thank Enzo with a pair of some really smart trainers. She did bring the shoes, and handed them over.

Luminitsa says she spent more than R25,000 on the prizes.

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