Prophet Madungwe Strikes Again: Easter Is A Sin And Satan’s Holiday.

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Writing on his social media page, Madungwe said,

When Jesus took the bread and wine he said do always the Communion but today Christians do easter and Christmas. Where is it in the bible that the Bible tells us to observe these holidays.

In (the) Old Testament there was a Queen named Esther, the wife of King Nimrod of the Babylon empire, so it was Queen Easter holiday celebrated for her. In (the) New Testament (the) Roman Empire came in power and borrowed that holiday and said it’s a Christianity holiday, and Christmas is for the son of Queen Esther birthday 25 December, not Christ.

So stop saying it is for God or Christ…Old Testament they do Passover on 14 Abib which is April using Jewish calendar with 30 days a month not (the) Roman calendar we use today with 31 days…In (the) new testament the last lamb which is Christ was killed, no need to kill sheep or doing Passover but we do holy communion as Jesus commanded.

So stop celebrating these holidays it’s not in (the) Bible. Read from Genesis to revelation no holiday like that is mentioned, just know that if you celebrate it you’re going to die next month.

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