WhatsApp, Instagram And Facebook Are All Down

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If you’re having trouble sending and receiving messages on WhatsApp, you’re not the only one. WhatsApp along with Instagram and Facebook are all not working right now.advertisement

The Facebook-owned services have all bee down for more than hour and Facebook is attributing this problem to a “server configuration change”.

The issues seem to have started around 1 PM for me but in other parts of the world, it started around noon. It doesn’t seem as though the outage is global but it is affecting a significant number of countries.advertisement

Twitter however is working just fine, and it’s where everyone is going to complain:

Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp being down again for the second time this year #whatsappdown #FacebookDown #InstagramDown— amy·anjum (@fireproofamy7) April 14, 2019


Instagram won’t load…
Checks WiFI
Disconnects WiFI
Reconnects WiFi
Checks laptop
Asks everyone in the house
Checks Facebook

Finally checks Twitter. #instagramdown #instagram #facebookdown #whatsappdown#Facebook #whatsapp


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