Kenyan Police probe how 14 Zambian soldiers sneaked into country

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The Kenya government is now probing circumstances under which the soldiers fraudulently gained entry into the country.

They are said to have come into the country on March 12  through the Moi International Airport, Mombasa, and registered themselves as tourists. The officers allegedly entered the country as tourists and did not indicate that they were military men from a foreign country as required by law.

Drowning saga

They were staying at the Gulu Inn Hotel in Diani, Kwale county. The presence of the Zambia military officers was discovered after one of them drowned while skydiving at Diani beach on March 15.

The death of David Pumulo  has raised many questions among security agencies in the country.

A series of emails between local police and Zambian high commissioner seen by the People Daily, has raised questions on how the officers managed to “sneak” into the country without notice.

“What was their mission in the Coastal region? Why did they fail to establish their mission in the country? These are substantive issues that need to be addressed with urgency,” reads a letter.

Further, the officers tried to sneak out the body of the deceased after a Lieutenant Maybin Mueneko Wambae reported the death to the hotel management and not to police.

“The officers had tried to move the body out of the country as they were illegally in the country but Kenya police got wind of it and kicked off investigations,” said a police officer who sought anonymity.

Coast Regional Coordinator John Elungata said the dead Air Force officer had registered himself as a tourist. He said the officer died while on a sky diving expedition.

Police spokesman Charles Owino said police are trying to establish whether the officers had been cleared at home to travel to Kenya and what their mission may have been.

Formal letter

Initial police investigations revealed that the officers flew into the country as tourists but allegedly concealed their military identity over unknown reasons.

“They were to write a formal letter to the host country Kenya through the  Foreign Affairs ministry  in conjunction with Department of Defence (DoD) of their intended travel, how many  they were  and the purpose of their  visit.  It is  only after clearance from the government agencies that they are allowed into  the country,” reads a report shared among senior security bosses.

It emerged that the late Zambian High Commissioner to Kenya Brenda Muntemba-Sichilembe had been questioned by security agencies in Kenya over the matter. The body of the deceased has since been flown back and the remaining 13 officers allowed to return to Lusaka. –

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