PICS: Killer T Poses With The First Lady ,Fans Got Mixed Reactions

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Killer T now popularly known as the Chairman of Zimdancehall is with no doubt one of the best and most consistent musicians of the genre.

Entered the game in 2013 with his hit Makarova gunners Killer T has never looked back.

Ever since that year he has been releasing hit after hit up to this day.

killer T

His fans have grown to love his music and he has gained a huge mass of fans, even school children love this artist. His recent picture with the first lady has sparked some controversy on social media. He posted a picture with the First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa and people had mixed feelings towards the picture. Here is the picture below…


This picture sparked some controversy judging from the comments his fans wrote upon seeing the picture. Here are some of the reactions…

Killer T Comments ZIMETRO

It seems a lot of his fans were not happy with this picture…

Killer T Fans comments ZIMETRO

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